Technical Management

Technical Management:

SWM provides Management Services to a variety of ships including chemical tankers, gas tankers, bulk carriers, reefers, etc. Our key strengths lie in our proven management systems and our reservoir of talented seafarers, administrative staff, and other staff housed ashore. Another ace up our sleeve is the technology that helps us to access and analyse vessel data and assess the speed and consumption performance of your vessel from ashore and help optimise it.

We conduct frequent inspections, which are headed by our technical superintendent, to make sure everything’s shipshape.

Providing precise and frequent reports and information such as technical reports, accounting reports, etc. is what we are known for. All the information that you need will be at your fingertips once you choose SWM. We mainly provide Automation and fault finding rectification:-

  • Electrical, Electro, Hydraulic, Hydraulic controls
  • Pneumatic Controls, Electro Pneumatic
  • Engine’s Automation
  • Engine’s Safety Controls
  • Engine’s Safety Controls
  • Steering Controls
  • CPP Controls
  • Winch’s Control
  • Navigation Lights Panel
  • Navigation Equipments
  • Fire Detection Systems
  • Battery Chargers
  • Co2 Activation & Shut Off system,
  • Generators servicing
  • Deck cranes
  • Air compressors
  • Air compressor automation
  • Fridge compressors
  • Fridge compressor automation
  • Main SwitchBoard servicing and maintenance
  • All type of RPM Indicators
  • Fire Fighting Systems
  • New Vessel Cabling and termination
  • Maintenance of all type of Motor Starters
  • Anchor Winch
  • Tagger Winch
  • Towing Winch
  • Services and Maintenance of BT motors
  • Rewinding of Motors, Alternators, Transformer etc. in any Port of Indian Coast
  • Window wipers
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