Recruitment Process

Recruitment Process:

We start our recruitment process with interviews, written tests and evaluation and training.


We aim for perfection in recruitment. Whatever you need me, we can find the right fit for you. Thanks to a reservoir of qualified and committed professionals.

  Process of Recruitment:

  • Shortlisting of applications to confirm their suitability.
  • Interview of the applicant
  • Reference Check
  • Documentation and Certification as per ISM/STCW requires
  • Nominations
  • Acceptance/Approval
  • Employment Contractual details
  • Pre Departure equipment formalities
  • Medicals / Flag state documentation.
  • Working gears and safe types of equipment
  • Pre-Departure briefing to all officers and Ratings regarding Company’s policies, ISM manual reading.
  • Arrangements towards logistics for all officers and Crew
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